All Leatherman Kin History, pg 5, compiled by Reverend I. John Leatherman, copyright 1940

All Leatherman Kin History

The first Leatherman known to have arrived in America was Hans Dewalt Leatherman accompanied by his family, but the record does not disclose the names of the family members.
According to Egle's Immigrants to Pennsylvania, Hans Dewalt Leatherman was one of about 200 Palatine passangers who arrived at Philadelphia on the ship James Goodwill, David Crocket master, from Rotterdam last from Portsmouth, qualified Sept. 30 , 1727. Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. 17, page 8. First list of foreigners imported.
Since no record of Hans Dewalt Leatherman was found in any other locality, it is supposed that he lived and died in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, but no record of his death nor of any will or estate settlement was discovered.
A careful study of available records of land transfers, tax lists, census reports, wills, church records, migrations and locations, claims of kinship, and what not has resulted in the belief, though unproven, that Daniel, John, Peter, Michael, and possibly Nicholaus, may have been sons of Hans Dewalt Leatherman, and that Christian, Henry, Godfrey and Nicholas all of Frederick County, Maryland, John and Frederick of Washington County, Pennsylvania, Michael of Maryland and late of Jefferson County, Kentucky, probably were his grandsons. Since this cannot be unquestionably substantiated, however, they are chronicled, not as his sons and grandsons, but as heads of separate groups or lineages, reguardless of the possibility of their having been near blood relatives. Those heading the largest of these groups or lineages, in the order in which they are chronicled, are Elder Daniel Leatherman, Godfrey Leatherman, Nicholas Leatherman, Peter Leatherman, and Jacob Ledterman.